What is the quality score and how does it work?

You may hear us talking about quality score a lot when it comes to proposals and strategy calls. You’re probably asking yourself, what is it and what does it mean for my Ads?

Quality score is a crucial component of running a successful Google Ads campaign.

It’s made up of three main factors:

    • Your ad campaign’s landing page: How quick does your landing page load? What’s the conversion rate? What’s the bounce rate? In short, is Google sending the people who click to a website that seems to address their needs?
    • Expected CTR: How do your ad campaigns typically perform? Is your click-through rate better or worse than the average?
    • Ad Relevance: How specific is your ad in relation to the search?

Why is quality score important beyond ad rank?

AdEspresso found that higher quality and relevance scores result in higher CTRs and massively decreased costs per click:

decreased cpc chart

Improving your quality score is a great way to rank higher with your ads without having to bid higher. You can reduce CPCs and improve your performance by focusing on those three factors that make up the quality score.

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