Overview of Facebook Ads Management

Our social media experts will help plan your marketing budget based on the cost per conversion that you need to hit in order to maximise your profitability.

We’ll setup your campaigns, create your ads and analyse the data regularly, optimising performance to increase revenue and leads over time.

Facebook ads isn’t always the right solution for every business. However, if it does work for your business, it can often be the most profitable channel due to the sheer volume of potential customers spending a huge amount of time on the platform. Many shoppers make purchase decisions based on recommendations they receive on Facebook.

Our aproach to Facebook Ads management

Facebook Ads campaigns may look easy to set up, but it actually takes a lot of thought and analysis to drive consistent, high quality traffic to your website that will earn you more money than it will cost.


Understanding your business

We bring extensive advertising experience and technical know-how to the table but we don’t know your business and the unique behavioural characteristics as much as you do.We’ll get to work researching your industry, taking the time to understand what it is you do andhow to appeal to your customers while they’re on social media.


Creative Design

Unlike Google Ads search campaigns, social media pay per click campaigns are almost entirely visual. We partner with a 3rd party graphic design team who will create beautiful ads for you from scratch, keeping in mind the specific requirements of each social media platform. We’ll split test multiple iterations of your ads inside the live campaigns in order to consistently increase click through rate while decreasing your cost per conversion over time.


Campaign Strategy Development

There are a virtually unlimited combinations of targeting methods in Facebook Ads. There’s certainly no shortage of ways to get your ads in front of the people most likely to buy what you sell. But how you set up your ad targeting is ultimately the most important element of a successful campaign. Our team has the experience to help get you off on the right foot. Once your campaigns are live, we’re constantly testing and modifying new ways of targeting your audience based on what the campaign data is telling us.


Analysis & Optimisation

The companies and brands that are most successful with Facebook advertising are the ones that can read and analyse their campaign data, spotting the trends and patterns that tell a meaningful story. Our team takes the time and effort to analyse the data from your live campaigns, using your performance results to optimise every element of your account. We’ll keep your ads current and revise them regularly, avoiding “ad fatigue” among your potential customers. Most importantly, we’ll be using your campaign data to test new ideas and strategies that will maximise your ROI.

Precision Audience Targeting

Social media advertising enables us to show ads to the people who you know are in the market for the products and services you sell, after all, you don’t want to be selling them to everybody in the world.

Using advanced audience segmentation, you can target potential customers by gender, age, job title, location, interests and more.

You can’t replace people

Bid automation is constantly advancing. While automation is useful for refining your strategy, there’s nothing that replaces the thought and analysis real people bring to the real money you’re spending on digital ads every day.

You don’t want to hand over full control of your campaign to Google with an automated bidding strategy.

When you’re investing a significant proportion of your marketing budget in to Google Ads, you want a trusted and experienced team to oversee your spend and ensure it is being used as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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what you get from us

Whether your social media advertising budget is dedicated to Facebook, or allocated to multiple social media ad networks like LinkedIn and Twitter, we’ve got you covered with all the aspects of professional agency management.

Conversion Tracking

We will will implement conversion tracking codes on your website, or we’ll work with your current web developer to make sure the codes we send are implemented properly.

If conversion tracking has already been installed, we’ll perform thorough tests to make sure that your finances are being tracked accurately.

We won’t enable a campaign untilwe are certain that the data we’re collecting reports conversions properly.

Transparent Reports

Our team will provide you with regular reports, delivered to your inbox on a schedule that works for you. Our reports detail all the key performance indicators important to your short term and long term advertising goals.

Regular Strategy Meetings

The long term success of your campaigns rely on your input and feedback.

We will communicate regularly to review the performance of your campaigns and to discuss further strategies and ideas for improvement.

We’re always happy for you to get in touch, but we like to schedule calls to maintain communication.

Remarketing Setup

Remarketing is a powerful part of our toolbox. It allows you to show ads to your previous website visitors when they’re browsing other websites so you and your brand is always at the forefront of their mind during their buyers journey.

It brings qualified traffic back to your site, and often a customer will return to complete their purchase.

We will install and configure remarketing tags, as well as manage remarketing audience creation and segmentation.

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Our tech

Here are of the tools we use to help our client’s digital advertising campaigns outperform their competition.