SEO Tune Up Overview

Good SEO can get you more traffic, more leads and more conversions and it’s one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques. It is a great investment for sole traders or small businesses who may not have a large marketing budget.

There are two types of SEO. The first is on-page, otherwise known as technical SEO and there is also off-page. We focus on technical SEO, optimising the coding and design of your website. We also provide consultancy for off-page SEO which looks at link building, social media and social bookmarking.

Our aproach to Search engine optimisation

Search engines keep changing the rules regarding best practice, and your competitors are getting smarter all the time. A successful SEO strategy must therefore be flexible and adaptable.


Technical Audit

A health check is the first step to improving your rank in search engines. We will perform a full technical SEO audit of your website to identify any issues which require attention. This could include broken links, page load speed, social engagements or incorrectly sized images.


Remedial Action

After the technical audit is complete, issues flagged are prioritised in to errors, warnings and information. We fix any flagged issues, giving you an easy win, which all counts towards improving your website’s ranking within search engines.


Ongoing Maintenance

As your site is updated, it will require regular checks to ensure any modified content has been optimised for search engines. It is good practice to perform a technical SEO health check your site every 1 to 3 months.

why is technical seo important?

An attractive, interactive website may provide the user with a great experience, but it can present serious SEO issues. Search engines view your website differently and rely on reading your website’s code. Therefore, your site has to cater to the needs of search engines as well as human visitors.

The algorithms which rank websites are complex. Hundreds of factors are evaluated when determining which keywords should rank for search queries. Technical SEO optimisation tackles the issues on your website that stops search engine spiders from crawling your website and awarding you are higher rank in the results.

All of these factors contribute toward your SEO ranking and we can help you with them all.

  • Content indexing
  • Analysing duplicate content
  • Image optimisation
  • Internal linking
  • HTML sitemaps
  • XML sitemaps
  • Speed optimisation
  • Social Integration
  • URL structure
  • Page meta tags
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Error pages