Overview of Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing campaign management is entirely focused on precisely segmented audience segments.

We determine the highest value segments of users who have been to your site, and which people are most likely to come back and complete a desired conversion action, whether that be a form submission, phone call, purchase or view of a key page.

Then we go about designing the ads, bidding on our audiences and optimizing your campaigns over time.

Our aproach to Remarketing Campaigns

Successful remarketing campaigns are integral to the profitability of whichever ad campaigns drove the traffic to your site in the first place.


Audience Analysis

The entire concept of remarketing is based on showing ads to your previous website visitors as they continue to browse the internet. But not all your website visitors represent the same sort of value to your business.

Some visitors are simply not interested in what you sell, but some visitors are closer to the end of the buying funnel, and they’d be more likely to convert if they came back to your site shortly after their last visit.

Our first step is to begin analysing all your previous traffic and their behavioural patterns in order to identify the segments that we want to target more a aggressively.


Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation is at the core of successful remarketing campaigns. We’ll be using Google Analytics and Google Ads to segment your previous website visitors based on in-market segments, affinity audiences, time on sight, previous purchasers, cart abandoners and more.

With advanced segmentations and rule-based audiences, we have the capability of showing the right ad at the right bid to the people most likely ready to buy what you offer. And of course, audience segmentation is something we test and optimize over time.


Remarketing Lists

Remarketing does not start and end with showing image and video ads on the display network. With remarketing lists in search ads (RLSA), we can specifically target previous website visitors as they come back to Google to perform additional searches.

RLSA campaigns allows us to collect useful and insightful data, giving us a sense of the length of your sales cycle, and it also gives us the ability to bid on new keywords, targeting searches that may be closer to the top of the buyers funnel.


Creative Design & Development

Without creative, beautifully designed ads, your remarketing campaigns won’t go very far. We partner with 3rd party graphic designers who will get to work designing ad creatives from scratch, in all the popular sizes.

For e-commerce businesses we’ll also run dynamic remarketing ads that show users the specific products they were looking at and the products they may have in their shopping baskets.

Beyond image ads, we’ll also work with your team to create video ads and interactive ads that add an additional layer of fidelity to the customer experience.


Campaign Structure & Bidding

After audience segmentation and creative design is in place, it’s time to get to work building your campaign structure inside Google Ads (or a third party remarketing platform like AdRoll or Criteo).

Structuring your campaigns and ad groups in an organised way is crucial in order to be able to analyse the data in a way that will lead to statistically accurate ROI-centric optimisations.

More importantly than ad group structure is our bidding strategies. We make sure that we’re bidding the right amount per click or per conversion for the right audience segments, when those visitors are in the right place and at the right times.

You can’t replace people

Bid automation is becoming more advanced. While automation is useful for adding nuance to your strategy, there’s nothing that replaces the thought and analysis real people bring to the very real money you’re spending on digital ads every day.

You don’t want to hand over full control of your campaign to Google with an automated bidding strategy.

When you’re investing a significant proportion of your marketing budget in to Google Ads, you want a trusted and experienced team to oversee your spend and ensure it is being used as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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what you get from us

Remarketing campaign management isn’t typically a standalone service (although it could be). Remarketing campaigns are one important form of marketing that are supported by high quality paid search and social media ad campaigns.

Conversion Tracking

Our team will implement conversion tracking on your website, or we’ll work with your developer to make sure the codes we send are implemented properly.

If we’re taking over preexisting campaigns where conversion tracking has already been installed, we’ll perform thorough tests to make sure revenue and conversions are being tracked accurately.

In fact, we won’t launch a campaign before being certain that the data we’re collecting reports conversions properly.

Transparent Reports

Our team configures regular reports to be delivered to your inbox on a schedule that works for you detailing all the key performance indicators important to your short term and long term advertising goals.

Regular Strategy Meetings

Your input and feedback is crucial to the long term success of your ad campaigns.

You’re team and our team will communicate regularly to review performance and to discuss our strategies and ideas for improving your campaigns.

Of course, the lines of communication are always open, but we like to schedule these calls to make sure not too much time goes by without our teams collaborating.

Statistical Analysis

Any amateur PPC specialist or automated script can make basic inferences about what performs well and what does not. We take it one step further by solving for why. We’re determined to not just find what works, but to understand why something works, and how it can be replicated.

We love running multivariate tests, regression analysis, and pulling data into pivot tables. Once we find a trend, we identify the cause of that trend and will run additional tests to conclude our hypothesis.

We also place a tremendous amount of value on attribution modelling and its’ importance in measuring campaign performance. Our team understands that the buyer journey is a complicated process, and we’ll be fixated on finding the optimal mix of ad frequency and messaging over time to convert your users to buyers.

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Our tech

Here are of the tools we use to help our client’s digital advertising campaigns outperform their competition.