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89% of customers begin the buying process from a search engine. Are your products getting seen?

Google Shopping Ads sit at the top of the search engine results and is an essential form of advertising for the success of any ecommerce store. Our Google Shopping strategies focus on achieving a higher ROAS and increased profitability for your business.

Unlike other agencies, PPC Media guarantees...

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71% of small businesses do their own digital marketing instead of leaving it to the experts. Are you one of them?

Since Google started introducing more automated bidding strategies and smart campaigns, more small businesses are trying their hand at launching their own Google Ads campaigns, but often seeing very limited success. 

While automation is useful for refining your strategy, there’s nothing that replaces the thought and analysis that real experts bring to the real money you’re spending on digital ads every day.

That is where we come in. The likelihood is you’ve been missing out on essential optimisations and your campaigns aren’t running at maximum efficiency or effectiveness. We can reduce any wasted ad spend and increase your product visibility, among other things, to make your campaigns a true success.

...but my business doesn't use Google Ads?

If you aren’t using Google Shopping Ads for your online store, you are losing out on

We have been working with Touring Accessories for 3 years on a seasonal basis as they sell camping and caravan accessories. There has been continual growth year on year in their Google Shopping campaigns:

Total Ad Spend: £29,200

Total Revenue from Google Shopping Ads: £263,045

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): 900.8%

Total Cost of Sales: 11.1%

Touring Accessories also sell their products on eBay using “Buy it now”. eBay fees take around 12.8% of the total sale price (cost of sale). Our goal is to consistently deliver successful campaigns that are more cost effective and profitable than eBay, which we continue to achieve.

How can we help you?

Achieving success and maximum efficiency in your Google Ads Shopping Campaign goes beyond the initial launch of the campaign.

We can help your make your campaigns thrive and your ecommerce store more profitable by:

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