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Here we will share our latest company news, changes in the digital marketing landscape and some top tips to help grow your business’ digital presence.

Campaign Structure & Bidding

After audience segmentation and creative design is in place, it’s time to get to work building your campaign structure inside Google Ads (or a third

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Creative Design & Development

Without creative, beautifully designed ads, your remarketing campaigns won’t go very far. We partner with 3rd party graphic designers who will get to work designing

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Retargeting Lists

Remarketing does not start and end with showing image and video ads on the display network. With remarketing lists in search ads (RLSA), we can

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Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation is at the core of successful remarketing campaigns. We’ll be using Google Analytics and Google Ads to segment your previous website visitors based

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Audience Analysis

The entire concept of retargeting is based on showing ads to your previous website visitors as they continue to browse the internet. But not all

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